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(Pocket-lint) - Razer's debuted its latest gaming mouse, and it's going down the diminutive route to success, taking the templated offered by its Viper mouse and shrinking it by around 90% to create the Viper Mini. 

It's also Razer's lightest mouse ever, weighing just 61g, which should make it glide over your mousepad with total ease. Of course, Razer will be hoping that it's still got the solid feel that marks out a great gaming mouse.

Also returning from the full-size Viper is an ambidextrous design that will see the Viper Mini work just as well for left-handers as it does for the majority of people who use their dominant right hand. That's a touch we really value, knowing from experience how many big-name mouse makers still overlook it. 

On the techy side of things, meanwhile, the Viper Mini has six programmable buttons to go with its optical mouse switches (that's the main buttons, to the rest of us). Those have durability that Razer's rated up to 50 million clicks, so you can probably expect them to last a pretty long time. 

The optical sensor, meanwhile, can push up to 8500 DPI if you want it, with 300 IPS tracking, making for hugely sensitive response, although on-board memory lets you store different configurations for that sensitivity, and different button setups so that you can switch easily. 

Some bells and whistles

Of course, it wouldn't be a Razer mouse without some garnishing touches, and the Viper Mini has a Razer Chroma lightstrip that you can customise to glow with literally any colour you can imagine, to complement your desk setup or gaming preferences. 

Perhaps the only thing to give some people pause for thought is that the Viper Mini is wired-only, with no option for wireless use. That said, wireless mice are great for travelling, but arguably a false economy if you truly care about response times and latency, so we're not counting it as a mark against the Viper Mini. 

The mouse is available as of now, and costs a pretty impressive £39.99 or $39.99, making it one of Razer's more affordable devices. 


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.