(Pocket-lint) - To help improve your gaming experience and make your games more immersive, Razer and Nanoleaf have been working on updates that link Nanoleaf's lighting panels with the Razer Synapse software. This means you can now not only sync RGB lighting across both Razer peripherals and Nanoleaf Canvas lighting panels, but also do much more as well.

If you're the proud owner of Nanoleaf light panels or the Nanoleaf Canvas squares, then you'll be pleased to hear you can now experience real-time lighting effects synced with your games and your favourite mouse, keyboard and headset


We've seen the syncing of Nanoleaf and Razer gear in the past, but now it's been improved even further. In the heat of a gaming session, you'll see your gaming area lighting up as explosions, gunfire and even changes in daylight happen in-game. 

If you own Canvas panels, this integration with Razer Synapse is even more interesting as you'll be able to customise how the panels respond to touch and create specific actions on your PC. You'll now be able to program touches to launch specific games, activate a macro or set off a specific key press. 

Another fantastic addition to your gaming area and a great way to improve your experience too. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.