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(Pocket-lint) - Well, would you look at that: a company, which specialises in making products just for gamers, is reportedly thinking about buying another company that makes gaming consoles. It's like a match made in gamer-heaven.

According to CNET, Ouya is in negotiations to sell itself to Razer. The startup is well-known for its Kickstarter-darling Android console, but despite loads of press attention, it's faced some financial troubles as of late and wants to sell in order to solve all its problems. Fortune first claimed that Ouya wanted to find a buyer and was actively looking for "expressions of interest" by the end April.

Although Ouya kicked off with a successful campaign on Kickstarter, it has stumbled several times over the last few years, which has caused both consumers and critics alike to pan the platform's interface, first-generation controller, and initial financial reward plan for developers. Despite all that, Razer, which makes the popular Blade gaming laptop line and more, apparently sees value in Ouya.

That's not too surprising though, considering Ouya's catalogue now contains over 1,000 apps and 40,000 developers. Keep in mind the rumoured deal between Ouya and Razer is not yet set in stone. CNET claimed the companies are only now discussing ways to bring Ouya's staff onboard.

Also, in January, other reports said Ouya was considering a potential $10 million sale to Alibaba. That of course didn't come to fruition. 

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Writing by Elyse Betters.