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(Pocket-lint) - Gaming device maker Razer has partnered with Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg to create a line of Koenigsegg-branded Razer Blade laptops. It's a limited-edition series that will not be for sale. 

In a release from earlier this week, Christian von Koenigsegg, the company's CEO, called San Francisco-based Razer its doppelganger. That's because both companies pay meticulous attention to detail and wish to go "beyond conventional reason to design products for extreme functionality and fun". In fact, scientists and engineers from the two companies are apparently focused on developing "cutting-edge technology" together.

That said, the limited-edition run of the Koenigsegg-branded Razer Blade laptop is simply a public gesture or symbol meant to inaugurate the Razer-Koenigsegg relationship. Razer even described the custom collaboration as a "first step in a long relationship from which more exciting products can be born and brought to market".

The Koenigsegg-branded Razer Blade will unveil at the Geneva International Motor Show in next month. A select few Koenigsegg owners and Razer enthusiasts will get to use the gaming laptop, which is CNC machined and features an ultra-thin chassis and Koenigsegg cachet. Razer will also give away two of the custom laptops.

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Details about the giveaway are available at Razer's website, where you have to follow Razer on Facebook and Twitter, and then you must submit contact details like name, email, and place of residence. It's unclear what else the upcoming machines will boast in terms of specs, but we've contacted the companies to find out and will update when more is known.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 28 February 2014.