Alienware has a new challenger. Razer, the gaming peripherals company known for its hardcore gaming mice and accessories, has made the move into creating it’s first gaming laptop: the Razer Blade. 

The new laptop will boast powerful specs housed in an aluminium chassis, an “all-new revolutionary user interface” and plenty of power for those keen to prove their gaming and healthy bank balance credentials. 

According to the company, the 17-inch Full HD screen touting Razer Blade is so called because it measures 22mm thick and weighs 3.1kg.

It’s not just about a thin design. The Razer Blade certainly packs a powerful punch: a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 2640M processor and a Nvidia GeForce GT 555M featuring Optimus and a 2GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory graphics processor. Other specs include 8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 Memory, built-in HD webcam, a 320GB 7200rpm SATA hard drive and Wi-Fi.

The Razer Blade also features a new interface called the Switchblade User Interface that is comprised of 10 dynamic adaptive tactile keys for easier access of in-game commands and an LCD capable of two modes: one mode that displays in-game information when a mouse is in use and another mode that functions as an ultra-sensitive, multi-touch panel designed for gaming on the go.

“The Razer Blade was designed to give gamers a laptop they could truly use on the go,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Creative Director, Razer, suggesting that you can’t with other systems like the Alienware range from Dell.  

Priced at $2799.99 it’s due for release in the US before Christmas. No word on a UK release however.