Laptops that are location aware came one step closer on Monday with the announcement from Qualcomm that its latest Gobi module for mobile internet access will offer A-GPS.

The new Gobi2000 module, whose first iteration can be found in the Sony Vaio Z, TT and P-series laptops, will also offer HSPA and CDMA connectivity beyond the current 3G offering.

"The Gobi2000 module offers a wide range of enhancements, including support for additional radio frequencies, increased data speeds, and enhanced GPS functionality", said Qualcomm.

Expected for commercial launch in the second half of 2009, the system will support Windows 7 in time for its launch later in the year.

"Microsoft sees embedded 3G connectivity becoming an increasing standard feature in mobile computing", said Gary S Greenbaum, director of business development for Windows Networking at Microsoft.

Rumours earlier in the month suggested that Apple would add location aware features to its yet to be released operating system; Snow Leopard. There is no word on whether the two are connected.