We first brought you news of this back in June, but it seems that Philips have finally got round to bringing their single disk 1TB hard drive to market in the UK.

The SPD5130 one-terabyte external hard drive features an ultra-fast eSATA interface that is six times quicker than the industry-standard USB 2.0, that they say gives users immediate, additional capacity to store more of their music, movies and photos than ever before.

Philips claims that one-terabyte capacity will hold one million photos, 250,000 songs or 6 weeks of uncompressed video and the 32MB buffer ensures that data is transferred safely.

The Philips SPD5130 features an extra-thick outer shell that should ensure the drive runs quietly. Together with a heat control system that regulates the drive's built-in fan, the SPD5130's aluminum casing protects data from excess temperatures, while its suspension insulates the drive from potential shocks.

The SPD5130's power management allows the disk to start and shut down with the computer, so it can be used seamlessly with any machine and the SPD5130 includes a one-click backup button to instantly safeguard files, as well as a safe shutdown button to prevent data loss.

Available in October, the SPD5130 will have an approximate selling price of £299.99.