Philips has launched a new range of multimedia LCD displays, that they say boast a suite of advanced features that deliver sharp images and fast response times for playing games and watching movies.

Screen sizes range from 17-inches to 22-inches, including four widescreen models.

Philips states the "PerfecTune" technology guarantees that each monitor undergoes extensive colour adjustment and calibration testing to ensure laboratory-quality display performance.

Apparently these tests are four times stricter than those used to certify monitors for Microsoft Windows Vista.

Some models in the new range come complete with SmartImage technology, that claims to provide dynamic real-time adjustment of brightness, contrast, sharpness, colour, and response time for different content to deliver optimum display performance.

SmartImage analyses the content displayed on your screen and, based on a selected scenario, dynamically enhances the contrast, colour saturation and sharpness of images or video.

The monitors boast the lowest power consumption in the industry, requiring up to 30% less power than competitors when the SmartImage "Economy" mode is activated.

The Philips SmartAccessory feature, which comes as a standard, uses multifunction clips at the side of the monitor to keep the computer area clear from clutter.

The clips can hold peripherals like webcams and stationary so that they are within reach, but out of the way.

The new range includes:

* 17-inch – 170C8
* 19-inch – 190C8
* 19-inch widescreen – 190CW8
* 20-inch widescreen – 200CW8
* 22-inch widescreen – 220CW8, 220XW8

Pricing and availability to be confirmed.