Philips has launched its first Network Attached Storage (NAS) hard drive, which gives you a central storage location and instant access to files throughout your home when used with a wireless network.

Unlike regular external drives, the NAS drive connects to a router instead of a PC, allowing it to be accessed by any computer on the network.

The Philips SPD8020 has been designed for ease-of-use, featuring "One-Click" software installation so that you can connect the drive to your network in just a few minutes with minimal fuss.

With 500GB of storage space you could store 500,000 photos, three weeks of uncompressed video or 125,000 songs on the SPD8020.

The beauty of NAS hard drives is that they provide one central "home library" location for files, meaning that you can avoid having files stored across a multiple devices and access the same music files, photos, etc, whether using your PC or laptop, for example.

The Philips SPD8020 NAS hard drive will be available to buy from summer 2007, priced at 229 euros and $259.