Philips has broken the 1 terabyte (1000GB) storage barrier for a single-disk external hard drive with the launch of the SPD5130 external hard drive.

The humungous 1 terabyte capacity would let you store up to one million photos, 250,000 songs or 6 weeks of uncompressed video.

The new drive features an ultra-fast eSATA interface (six times quicker than USB2), a 32MB buffer to ensure that data is transferred reliably and safely, and an extra-thick aluminium outer shell that ensures the drive runs quietly and protects against extreme temperatures and knocks.

The SPD5130’s intelligent power management means the disk will start and shut down with the computer, so it can be used seamlessly with any machine and has a one-click backup button.

And - it isn’t butt-ugly - which is a bonus.

It will be available to buy in Europe and the US in May, priced at 449 euros and $499.