Philips has added three new webcams to its range – the SPC620, SPC1000 and the flagship SPC1300.

The new models combine the latest in video and audio technology along with more "fun" features such as background customisation, image framing, video effects and logos and emoticons.

The new models feature wide-angle lenses together with face-tracking technology so your face is always in the centre of the picture when video calling.

The SPC1300 flagship model (99.90 euros) features Pixel Plus 2 technology (used in Philips TVs) that provides razor-sharp video and six-megapixel still images.

The SPC1300’s two built-in directional microphones create a "quiet zone" around you, cutting out external noise for clear sound.

The SPC1300 also features Digital Natural Motion technology that supplies flicker-free video with increase frame rates of up to 90fps.

The SPC1000 (49.90 euros) has a built-in directional microphone with a noise reduction filter that eliminates unwanted background sounds.

Its sensor gives a video resolution of up to two megapixels for clear video and still images of 5 megapixels and it features a 5x digital zoom.

The SPC620 (49.90 euros) features a VGA CMOS sensor with built-in interpolation for high quality video and photo reproduction for video calling and v-mails.

Designed for ease of use, it works with all popular instant messaging services straight out of the box.

All models will be available in August.