This laptop seems to be a little identity stuck, between a laptop and desktop with its long neck.

The Philips X200 Laptop has been designed with an arm that allows it to be completely manoeuvred to the front of the unit, so the laptop can be used in confined spaces.

The "Longneck" we are told hosts the Intel Core Duo ULV2500 processor 1.2GHz, with an extendable widescreen display. The new Philips model is available now and comes as standard with:

- 1.2GHz, 533MHz FSB, 2MB Cache
- Genuine MS Windows Vista Home Premium
- 1024MB RAM
- 100GB Hard Drive
- Dual Layer DVD ReWriter Drive
- 12.1" Widescreen Display
- 128MB Intel GMA 950 Shared Graphics
- Wireless Enabled
- 1 Year Free Warranty

At least this laptop will stop you craning your neck too much. The X200 can be found on PC World for £849.99.