Philips has announced at IFA 2005 that is will launch a Media Center PC later in the year. Launching in October the unit will include an Intel Pentium 3 3.0Ghz chip, High Definition support, Wi-Fi (802.11g/b) wireless connectivity and analog SCART connections.

Called the MCP9350i the unit will be apart of Philips' Connected Planet range. Users will be able to save video footage and images on to the 250-gigabyte internal hard disk or choice to record television via the two integrated TV tuners.

The separates looking device will also come with a multi-format flash memory card reader that allows the connection of SDTM, MMCTM, Memory Stick and CompactFlash flash memory cards. For the connection of digital camcorders and external hard drives the MCP9350i features a pair of IEEE1394/FireWire connections on its rear panel and one on the front panel, along with four high-speed USB 2.0 sockets (two on the front, two on the rear) for connecting PC peripherals and other devices.

Information on pricing will be issued closer to the launch date.

We will keep you posted.