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(Pocket-lint) - It seems that AMD is setting its sights on the extreme gaming laptop market in 2023. Previously the company has had some success in the mid-range gaming laptop arena and has successfully delivered some nicely compact machines with plenty of power

Now though AMD has said that it's working on a new mobile CPU that's codenamed 'Dragon Range'.

The aim of this CPU is to create a machine that offers the "pinnacle of gaming performance". Dragon Range is set to have the highest core count and thread count ever for a mobile gaming CPU and promises to deliver the fastest creator productivity too. 

Rather than portable thin and light laptops, this CPU will be aimed at the more extreme end of the gaming laptop space. That means the laptops sporting these CPUs will "largely exist in the space where gaming laptops are plugged in the majority of the time" according to Robert Hallock AMD's director of technical marketing.

AMDAMD is working on extreme gaming laptops for 2023 photo 1

That includes thicker laptops that are at least 20mm thick and those that focus on performance rather than power efficiency. Though that doesn't mean AMD will be ditching efficiency entirely. Hallock went on to state that the machines will be "...more power efficient than other laptops in that competing timeframe". 

Beyond that, we don't know much more at this point. Though it's also worth noting that there's also a 'Phoneix' line of CPUs coming for the thin and light laptops in the same period as well. 

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Writing by Adrian Willings.