Panasonic has announced the launch of its next generation, MK3 CF-19 and CF-30, flagship models of the Toughbook ruggedised notebook range.

Claiming to feature new and advanced technologies, which include new LED backlit screen tech for the CF-19, Panasonic describes the new models as the perfect companions for tough environments.

The CF-19 and CF-30 offer Intel Core 2 Duo Processors, 160GB hard drives that can withstand falls of up to 90cm and an integrated Gobi (Qualcomm) module, supporting connectivity from GSM dial up, GPRS, Edge, and 3G to 7.2Mbps HSUPA access.

The rugged CF-30 has a 13.3-inch screen, the boast of "excellent" battery life and a hand grip. It weighs in at 3.8kg and will go on sale mid-Feb from £2568 plus VAT.

The CF-19 gets the benefit of an LED backlight on its 10.4-inch fold back touchscreen as well as anti glare coatings, it will cost from £2070 plus VAT from mid-Feb.