Panasonic’s latest Toughbook notebooks are finally landing on UK shores. The latest range is called “Light” as they are encased in magnesium but are slimmer than most other Toughbooks.

Featuring a robust build that means they could withstand terrain that even the fittest of us would find difficult to cope with, the notebooks can be dropped from 30cm up and tolerate a pressure of up to 100kg.

The CF-T5 incorporates a touchscreen display and a handstrap, while the CF-W5 and CF-Y5 both contain DVD and CD-burning optical drives. The CF-Y5 is protected against water damage, withstanding a 200ml glass of water spilled on the keyboard and touchpad.

Other specs include Wi-Fi capability, extended battery option, 60GB hard drive, and Intel Centrino processor. The CF-W5 weighs only 1260g, the CF-T5 only 1510g, and the CF-Y5 only 1530g. They can be bought direct from Panasonic, and will start at £1428.90 ex VAT for the CF-T4.