Panasonic has upgraded two of its Toughbook models to create the CF-30 and the CF-19, now complete with Intel Core Duo processors.

With the Toughbook range, you don't pay big bucks for high-spec internal configuraions, but rather for their ruggedness; the models all have magnesium alloy cases, weather and dust-proof seals on keyboards and ports, and shock absorbers for the screen and hard disk.

The CF-19 starts with a 1.06GHZ U4200 Core Duo processor, 512MB of RAM (upgradeable to 4GB), an 80GB hard drive, EV-Do or HSDPA WAN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and optional GPS and fingerprint scanner. It can be ordered in regular or swivelling-screen table configuration, and although it features a small 10.4-inch XGA touchscreen, it weights 5 pounds thanks to its toughness. The battery won't let you down on the go, powering it for an amazing 7 hours.

The CF-30 is a step up, with an extra 2.9 inches on the screen, a 1.66GHz L2400 Core Duo processor, and slot for an additional battery (which holds 6 hours of charge) or disc drive. This one isn't the most portable around tow, weighing an arm-straining 8.2 pounds.

Are you ready for the price? The CF-30 will cost around $4700, while the CF-20 goes for $4200.