Panasonic has launched a new Toughbook - the Toughbook CF-C1. It's a lightweight, business-oriented machine which promises to take rather a lot of punishment. You might even manage to get it to survive a commuter train journey, which only the hardiest of laptops manage.

It can be used in tablet or clamshell form, and comes with an ergonomic strap that allows one-handed data entry. There's the option of a resistive multi-touch display, which will work with gloved hands, or a multi-touch and digitizer screen. There's a toughened triple-hinge that allows the screen to stay rigid while you're using it.

You should get 10 hours of operation thanks to a pair of twin hot-swappable batteries. It also offers an exterior battery charge indicator, but even with the batteries installed it weighs just 1.69kg. It's really focused on environments where you don't have a surface to put the machine down on.

Inside, there's a Core i5-520M processor, which comes with 3MB of cache, and a range of connectivity options - 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 and an option for a 3G module. It'll show up in July 2010 in the digitizer version, and September for the gloved edition. It'll cost from 2000 euros upward, depending on spec.