Technology is arguably at the centre of any society's development and a key area in which innovations can be of massive importance is that of education.

In view of this, Panasonic has unveiled its "complete education solution package" at the BETT educational trade show for schools with a bit of spare cash.

The package includes the UB-T880 elite Panaboard, which brings multitouch technology to the interactive whiteboard. The board itself is said to be durable and also has an integrated short throw projector - which sounds very useful particularly for special needs or visually impaired children who would require information on the board to be clear and free of distraction.

There is also the inclusion of Easiteach - a whole class teaching and learning application - as well as gesture recognition technology, which will enable pupils to interact with the Panaboard, leading to a "more immersive and engaging experience".

Where this gesture technology could prove useful is when certain pupils lack fine motor skills meaning they could possibly still join in with tasks using the board - through an arm movement - allowing for greater inclusion within the lesson.

This, along with the Panasonic ToughBook range, HD televisions, infrared wireless microphones and other peripherals, makes up the package.

Technology can be an excellent aid in the classroom, but we're not sure if Panasonic's "complete education solution package" is indeed complete without excellent and dedicated teaching staff - that's one thing you can't buy.