Nvidia has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it plans to release its own netbook later this year, powered by its new Tegra chip.

The new chip, currently only found in the yet-to-be-released Zune HD, has a focus on HD video and Flash promising, Nvidia says, to offer all you need for "today's web".

The new model, in which tech specs haven't been finalised, is expected to cost around £150 ($200) and be out around "Black Friday" in the US, a spokesperson for the company told Pocket-lint.

A Black Friday launch, the day that most Americans start their Christmas shopping, could mean this becomes the number one netbook to have this year.

The company is currently touting a prototype model called elan created by a company called mobinnova, that sports an 8.9 inch screen, Wi-Fi, 3G wireless connectivity, and a webcam for video conferencing. Currently running Microsoft's CE operating system, Nvidia says that the final version could sport Google's Android operating system.

More encouraging for those on a budget however, is that Nvidia expects mobile phone operators to offer the new laptop on a 2-year data contract for free.

In related news, the company also confirmed that a Tegra-powered mobile phone would be launching by the end of 2009 if not the early start of 2010.

UPDATE: nVidia has got in touch with Pocket-lint to clarify that it won't personally be launching the tegra powered netbook under the nVidia brand name, instead leaving the operators to brand and market the device by mobinnova. However it is unsure at this time whether or not the operators will be offering the netbook without a contract.

From nVidia:

"NVIDIA does not have any plans at this time to build or sell its own netbook. The Mobinova device mentioned in your article is an ODM device, and is expected to be sold to mobile carriers who will brand it with their own logo and sell it through their own distribution channels, with their own subscriber plans and applications."