For those of you that have been waiting to see some more Nvidia ION-based systems, the company delivered a wide range of nettops during its first press conference a day ahead of the official opening of Computex.

The models shown were a mixed bag, with some being well designed and thought out, while others seemed to have been thrown together in a rush.

The two best looking models came from Foxconn and Pegatron, as not only were they the slimmest systems on display, but they also offered some of the best connectivity options.

Japanese Mouse Computer and MSI have the largest models on display and although both manufacturers offered optical drives, we're not sure about the justifications for the larger chassis, especially as neither models seemed very well thought out.

Local Taiwanese PMP maker FunTwist also had a rather decent looking model on show with a nicely crafted aluminium chassis. Sadly none of the systems on display were working.

On display was also an all-in-one system from ECS called the Morph (pictured), which offered the option of either being used on a desk or being wall mounted with a screen that could be folded horizontally for when the system is wall mounted. This was also the only working demo system apart from a Lenovo S12 netbook.