The netbook is about to get a graphics boost as early as June Pocket-lint has learnt, with a number of companies preparing to announce Nvidia ION powered models.

Although reluctant to tell us which companies will be announcing new models, an our man on the inside at Nvidia has confirmed that there will be some big announcements from "key" players at Computex, the annual PC trade show in Taipei at the beginning of June.

"You will see some announcements at the show with ship dates as early as July", our man at Nvidia told Pocket-lint.

The comments come as the first nettop PC from Acer, the AspireRevo gears up for a UK launch on the 5 May.

The computer uses an Intel Atom chip as standard netbooks, however uses the new graphics chip from Nvidia called ION to allow users to use more demanding applications than they have in the past. Users will be able to view 1080p content and play games such as Spore and Portal. PC users will also be able to use Google Earth and applications like Cooliris, something virtually impossible with current netbooks.

Prices for the new nettop model will start at £149.99 with Linux installed and £249 for a Windows Vista version.

We will keep you posted.