There are suggestions on the web that the problem with the faulty Nvidia chipsets, which are affecting HP and Dell laptops, may be an issue for other manufacturers as well.

As we reported just last week, the team over at The Inquirer believe that laptops with G84, G86, G92s and G94 chips, which include Asus, Lenovo and Apple machines, could also suffer from the overheating issue.

It claims that Nvidia just hasn't admitted the extent of the problem as yet.

But now a Pocket-lint reader has got in touch and claims that his brand new MacBook Pro is indeed faulty, and it seems to be the Nvidia chip.

Kyle writes: "I bought a 17 Macbook Pro in June 2007 and I love it".

"You could consider me to be a Apple Geek as it is the seventh computer I have bought from Apple ... but it is also the worst."

"Basically, all MacBook Pro Santa Rosa and later models that have the Nvidia graphics cards are failing at an alarming rate."

"Apple and Nvidia are desperately trying to sweep this under the carpet but I want as many reputable people to know about this big story as I can."

"I thought I'd let you know there is indeed a major issue at the moment that I would love to be highlighted in the media."

"If I sound bitter, it is because I am a self employed graphic designer who paid a lot of money for Apple's flagship model, only for it to last 13 months."

If anyone else experiencing problems? Let us know.