Those clever chaps over at The Inquirer have fresh information on the Nvidia chip scandal, which has so far been claimed to have affected 34 HP and Dell laptops.

Initially, Nvidia admitted the problem, which can cause overheating, when it had to take out a one time charge of $150 million to $200 million "to cover anticipated warranty, repair, return, replacement and other costs and expenses, arising from a weak die/packaging material set in certain versions of its previous generation GPU and MCP products used in notebook systems".

It was hoped to affect a small number of machines, but then HP and Dell came forward and said that a total of 34 lines were affected.

The Inquirer team suggested that far more laptops could face problems - in fact all of those with G84 and G86 chips, which include Asus, Lenovo and Apple machines.

Now the site is suggesting desktop machines with Nvidia G92s and G94 could also be faulty, but Nvidia has yet to admit it.

The Inquirer writes: "With OEMs extending warranties, Nvidia is going to have to cover a lot of laptops for a long time. Desktop boards are going bad as well now, contrary to the statements of Nvidia PR and AR, and the hole keeps getting deeper and deeper. I wonder if they can ever come clean and survive".

This story could run for a while...