Images and info have been leaked of what looks like an Acer rival to the Asus Eee PC.

And Dell has also strongly hinted that it is going to take on Acer, HP and MSI in the UMPC market - but could a whole host of other manufacturers follow using an announcement by Nvidia that is making chips specifically for mini PCs?

Nvidia has unveiled two Tegra processors, which are specifically designed for UMPCs.

It is going up against Intel with the chips, which it says will allows mini computers to browse the web, show high-definition video and handle graphically-heavy games.

They are designed for use in gadgets that are fitted with a screen up to 12 inch (30cm) across, a keyboard, high-speed wireless connection and a port for a game controller, says the BBC.

Nvidia is promising more information about the Tegra 600 and 650 processors at the Computex show in Taiwan which runs later this week.

And rumours has it that some mini machines using the new chips may also make an appearance so watch this space.