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(Pocket-lint) - Nvidia is at Computex and has taken time at the show to reveal its newest endeavour, Nvidia Studio laptops.

These are new high-end performance laptops that have been designed specifically for creators. 

These new machines are built off of the back of Nvidia's RTX line up of GPUs and include Quadro RTX GPUs with 16GB of RAM. Built with a Max-Q form factor, they're designed with a thin and lightweight design but with the power that creators desire. 

These new machines are also said to boast 4K HDR displays and support for Nvidia Studio Stack. This is a new software and driver platform that allows for faster video editing, more accurate Ray Tracing and photo editing via AI too.

During demonstrations, we saw how it could be used for modelling for game creators, quicker video rendering for YouTube video editors and swifter photo editing with AI. It was shown working with Autodesk, Premiere Pro and Adobe Lightrooms, but is also said to support well over 200 creative apps. 

The drivers for this system are also going to be tested and validated to ensure they work perfectly with the Nvidia Studio devices and the apps users are running. 

NvidiaNvidia reveals Studio laptops aimed at creators image 1

During the presentation, we saw the capabilities of these new machines and the software supporting them as they were put to the test. 

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The processing power was demonstrated with real-time ray tracing of a computer generated room, for example. As a developer was able to show the editing and changing the layout of the room before our eyes. 

We marvelled at the shadows created by furniture, lights being diffused through curtains as they fall into the room, how the shadows in the room increased as furniture was added. All this happens in seconds and real-time. Making it easier for creators to present their work to clients.

Another example was shown in DaVinci Resolve. With live editing of videos made far simpler and faster. The editor was able to apply FX to the footage, carry out colour grading and even automatically detecting faces all within seconds

An automatic face tracking system within the software uses AI that's able to detect faces and then allow you to tweak things like skin tone, eye highlights, shadows under the eye. Again, all done automatically in the blink of an eye and applied to the video content with each frame adjusted and improved automatically and seamlessly.

These laptops were demonstrated to have a lot of more powerful processing capabilities that allow on-the-fly editing and visuals that can be presented easily for others to see.

With RTX enabled graphics cards, all of this naturally includes Ray Tracing capabilities too. Nvidia took care to show off how much difference this made to video and game editing and what a difference the extra power would make for creators. 

Nvidia is making bold claims about these new devices and how they can outperform the likes of high-end MacBook Pros that creators might usually tend to favour. 

The company has teamed up with some of the largest laptop makers in the industry to bring new models of these devices to market in the next few months. 

We're expecting to see 17 different Nvidia Studio laptops from the likes of Acer, Asus, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, MSI and Razer.

The Nvidia Studio laptops are said to start from $1599 and will be available to buy from June.

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 27 May 2019.