Nvidia has announced details of its Windows 8 Developer Program, opening up the new OS to not just its x86 architecture chips, but to its forthcoming tablet-aimed Tegra Kal-El chips as well.

Kal-El (Superman’s real name for those thinking it sounds familiar) is Nvidia's next big mobile processor and will be the start of the next evolution of Tegra chips that include Wayne, Logan, and Stark. The superhero codenames will be coming out in a steady 1-year cadence over the next 3 years.

Nvidia has stated that all four of its brands (Tegra, GeForce, Telsa and Quadro) will play nicely with Microsoft's new platform. The program contains tools, utilities, samples and SDKs that are designed to help devs create Windows apps to run on both ARM and x86 silicon.

"We’re incredibly excited about the innovation that Nvidia is bringing to Windows 8 PCs with their ARM processors, and how this will help reshape the PC industry in ways we’re only starting to see,"  said Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president of Windows planning, hardware and PC ecosystem at Microsoft.

"Developers are at the forefront of this transition. Microsoft values Nvidia’s leadership in providing tools to the community."

Developers can register for the Nvidia Windows 8 Developer Program by going to developer.nvidia.com.

Update: Tech blog Thisismynext.com has managed to get some hands-on video with the new tablet: