News has recently come in that the Nvidia's 3D Vision Technology is being used in the Mars-500 project.

The third, and longest, stage of the project began on 3 June and involves a group of cosmonauts who are spending 520 days in a hermetically sealed environment which simulates the isolation, confinement and communication delays of an interplanetary flight to Mars.

The 3D vision technology will be used to reproduce the psychological effects of key mission operations, such as blast-off and landing to expeditions on the planet’s surface.

"By placing the crew in an extremely immersive and realistic 3D virtual reality, 3D Vision will allow the cosmonauts to experience the next best thing to standing on the Red Planet itself", says Nvidia.

During the experiment each member of the crew will be given a notebook based on Nvidia 3D Vision technology, let's just hope they remember to pack their 3D glasses.

This is a good example of how 3D technology is set to change a wide variety of sectors, and does not just mark a change in consumer tech.