Nvidia has announced that it is in cahoots with various partners, including Alienware, Asus, Dell, Microsoft and Toshiba, in order to bring 3D PCs to the world. Speaking at the Computex expo in Taipei, Nvidia also welcomed Asus chief Jerry Shen to the stage to announce three new 3D capable PCs.

“Asus has a strong track record of pioneering new categories of PCs, as we did with the netbook” said Shen, “Now Asus is very bullish on developing the 3D PC category by shipping notebooks, desktops and an all-in-one PC equipped with Nvidia 3D Vision. We believe that all entertainment-based PCs will become 3D capable within a few years”.

Nvidia is saying that a 3D PC must include a pair of 3D active-shutter glasses, like its 3D Vision kit, a 120Hz 3D-capable display and a discrete graphics processor, like its GeForce GPU, that is capable of delivering high definition imagery to the 3D display.

Nvidia states that a 3D PC will let you play 3D games, view and modify 3D photos, look at the Web in 3D and watch 3D Blu-rays.

Asus boss Jerry Shen announced three machines that would be joining Nvidia's 3D revolution. First up is the Asus G51Jx-EE, a laptop that relies on Nvidia's 3D Vision active shutter glasses. Next is the Eee Top ET2400, which is a desktop with USB 3.0 support and a 23.6-inch LCD monitor. Lastly, the CD5390 tower was described as the "world's most powerful gaming solution", complete with a GeForce GTX 480 GPU and compatibility with three different 3D LCD displays.

There's no official news on these machines or when we might be seeing them in the shops as of yet (thanks to Engadget for the details). We'll be bringing you the full specs as soon as we get word from our Asus contacts.

3D is beginning to take hold in a big way. The cinema is experiencing a massive 3D boom as a result of huge titles like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, home cinema is also getting in on the act with 3D Blu-rays and TV sets and gaming is about to undergo some serious 3D enhancements. It seems only fair that PCs come along for the ride too.