Nokia has announced that its new HSDPA connectivity modules for notebook computers will be distributed by Intel.

The module will be part of Intel’s next-generation Centrino Duo mobile technology platform. Intel will therefore take care of platform design, software, integration, and support, as well as marketing, whereas Nokia handles the 3G HSDPA technology and carrier relationships. It also manufactures the module.

HSDPA is the next-generation of mobile networks, providing high-speed “broadband” operations.

Nokia says that the module will be available soon embedded in notebook computers.

“An important aspect in bringing an HSDPA connectivity module to notebooks is the fact that 3G is the fast wireless broadband technology which is available for consumers today in a large number of countries in different continents. We believe that 3G connectivity will develop to a strong wireless wide area network mobile connectivity option for notebook computers”. said Heikki Tenhunen, head of Nokia’s Connectivity Module Business Program.