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(Pocket-lint) - MSI has announced the Project 491C, what it calls the "world's first super ultra-wide WD-OLED curved gaming monitor" ahead of CES2023.

Teased via a post to Twitter by the MSI Gaming account, the new monitor promises a lot without actually telling us all that much information. We know it has a 240Hz QD-OLED panel, with MSI saying that anyone sitting in front of it will "enjoy a viewing experience far better than anything you've had before".

That's basically it. We can expect to learn more about this thing soon enough, though. MSI says that more information on Project 491C is "coming soon" which means we might have to wait for CES2023 to roll around. That'll kick off on 5 January, 2023 and run through 8 January, 2023. MSI won't be the only one in attendance of course, but it just made sure that it'll be one of the first booths that people make a beeline for.


There are still plenty of questions for those people to ask, of course. We don't know the resolution of this thing nor do we have any inkling as to what it will cost or when it will go on sale. We're already expecting the first answer to be "a lot" but the second one is anyone's guess at this point. Products announced at CES can arrive almost immediately or a year later, so don't start setting aside those pennies just yet.

As for the size of this thing, the name suggests it will be 49 inches. But we'll wait for a proper announcement to be sure.

Writing by Oliver Haslam.
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