MSI updates its fan-favourite gaming laptops with Intel 11th Gen CPUs and RTX 3080s

The latest updates to the MSI GE76 and GE66 Raider laptops include a snazzy Mystic Light bar for satisfying RGB while you play.  (image credit: MSI)
The real highlight though is the extra power under the hood thanks to the latest Intel CPUs with up to Core i9 11th gen options available. (image credit: MSI)
Alongside power upgrades, the Raider laptops now have the option of either fast refresh 300Hz screens or IPS panels with 4K visuals and 120Hz. (image credit: MSI)
The Raider laptops are designed to be powerful, but the similarly specced GS76/66 Stealth laptops are designed to be even more portable.  (image credit: MSI)
MSI claims its Cooler Boost 5 technology will keep you gaming at optimal levels during even the most intense gaming sessions. (image credit: MSI)
With the newest Intel CPUs and RTX 3080 graphics, MSI says you can expect as much as 30 per cent better performance from these laptops. (image credit: MSI)
The latest MSI laptops have had style overhauls too, with laser engravings, hinge accents and speaker enhancements as well. (image credit: MSI)
Thanks to Intel's new CPUs, MSI's laptops now have PCIe gen 4 NVMe storage - meaning faster load and boot times for your gaming machine. (image credit: MSI)
MSI says you can find out even more about these laptops and more later this week at MSIology. (image credit: MSI)