One Microsoft Research team is developing a new device that combines the humble Post-it note with a Twitter-esque service called Wayve.

The new device resembles a digital photo frame, however adds in touchscreen features to allow you to write messages on sticky notes for all the family to see, just like a smaller, more graphical, version of Twitter.

Aside from writing or drawing silly images, users will be able to punch in notes via an onscreen keyboard and have the software attempt to convert their scrawl into text.

A stylus is included to make things easier although the technology will work with your fingers.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece (probably just a silly hat on your friends head), you’ll then be able to send it to anyone who’s got a mobile phone as an MMS or save it for the family to see when they get in.

Those not good at drawing will be able to take a picture of themselves with the built-in camera, however currently the device doesn't support video to let you make video messages.

A spokesperson working on the device didn't rule out this possibility of video calls in the future.

No word on a date for release or how much it will cost from Microsoft, however those who like the idea but can’t wait for Microsoft Research to get it into the shops, might do well to check out the O2 Joggler that, as the name suggests, allows you to juggle your life.