Microsoft has announced that it has offered HD Photo for consideration as an international standard by JPEG, the Joint Photographic Experts Group.

Standardisation of HD Photo, codenamed, "JPEG XR" will make sure that camera, printer, display and software companies will be able to develop products with interoperability for the next-gen standard.

HD Photo offers higher image quality, greater preservation of data, and advanced features.

HD Photo boasts compression with up to twice the efficiency of JPEG, with fewer damaging artifacts, resulting in higher-quality images that are one-half the file size.

In addition, Microsoft says that HD Photo offers increased image fidelity, preserving the entire original image content and enabling higher-quality exposure and colour adjustments in the image.

The ballot deadline for this new project is early October 2007. Finalising and publishing the completed standard is expected to take up to a year after that.