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(Pocket-lint) - A recent leak has suggested Microsoft is about to launch a refreshed range of Surface Go tablet/laptop 2-in-1. 

If the leaks are accurate, it appears we're going to see a new Core m3 powered model, alongside a Pentium Gold equipped machine using a newer generation of Pentium Gold than the first Surface Go. 

Specifically, it's said to be the Core m3-8100Y, and might be paired with an LTE option as well for true go-anywhere capabilities. The Pentium Gold model is rumoured to feature the 4425Y processor. 

As well as that, it's claimed the Core m3 tablet wil feature 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage, with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage on the lower power Pentium Gold version. That means double the storage of the first series of Surface Go machines. 

All of these specs were leaked by known tipster, '_rogame' on Twitter

When Microsoft first launched the Surface Go in 2018, its purpose was to create a versatile go-anywhere machine that was either a second, backup portable machine or a lightweight alternative to a table that runs Windows. 

Essentially, it is to this latest generation of 2-in-1's what the netbook was to laptops pre-2010 (kind of). 

The next generation featuring a more powerful processor will come as a welcome decision, but with Core m3 inside, it's clear this is still not designed to be anyone's heavy-lifting machine. It's still a lightweight, portable tablet/laptop 2-in-1. It's just a bit better than the first one. 

Its appeal will still be in its relatively low price and the capabilities you get from that running the slimmed-down 'S' version of Windows 10. It makes it an ideal alternative to a touchscreen Chromebook. 

The Jury's still out on whether or not these portable and lightweight Windows machines are worthwhile, but making them more powerful and adding more storage will surely help their appeal. 

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Writing by Cam Bunton.