(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft's new Surface Pro X is an incredibly repairable device. That's according to iFixit, known for its teardowns of products moments after launch - as well as its criticism of difficult-to-repair products like Apple's AirPods which it called "disappointingly disposable". 

The site's teardown of the Surface Pro X reveals that access to the SSD is via a SIM-tray-style eject mechanism, so you can take it out with a paper clip. In other words, it's completely user-replaceable, without having to take it to a repair centre because everything is baked in. 

You can also remove all the screws with a standard Torx screwdriver - there's nothing proprietary around. What's more, many of the other components are modular - even the two USB-C ports could be replaced if required. That's a contrast to Apple's iPads where the Lightning port is soldered to the mainboard.

The battery, however, did come in for criticism from iFixit as it is glued in place. 

The teardown found other positive issues for repairability as well, such as the ease at which the display separates from the body without the need for direct heat. Of course, most won't need to do this, but it would make a massive difference if all laptops and tablets were built this way. However, many repairs to the device do require removal of the display - not that surprising when you consider this is quite a thin-and-light tablet. 

iFixit gave the Surface Pro X six out of 10 for repairability - a contrast with the latest iPad which it only gave a score of two. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.