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(Pocket-lint) - Surface Neo is the much-talked-about dual-screen Surface. It won't be with us until late 2020 but looks absolutely amazing. 

Think of it as a dual 9-inch-screen iPad mini but with absolutely no bezel - it's 5.6mm thick when open. As you may have seen, Microsoft has also debuted an even smaller version - Surface Duo - that runs Android. 

Duo isn't Android - it runs a 'new expression' of Windows 10, which will be called Windows 10X

Apps can be moved between the two Gorilla Glass screens and placed where you want. Microsoft says it's talking about Neo so far in advance because it wants to get the new OS in the hands of developers. 

The 655g device is based on a brand new processor from Intel - the Lakefield processor that takes up a smaller placement within the chassis. 

You can use it with the Surface Pen Mini and also a keyboard attachment - placing the keyboard on the display brings up the 'Wonder Bar' - an Apple TouchBar-style reactive panel. 

The cables connecting the two sides of the hardware are, apparently thinner than a human hair. Check out the pics from the launch below: 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.