(Pocket-lint) - Alexa could become your default voice assistant on Windows 10 following changes by Microsoft.

The changes have already started rolling out to the developer builds of Windows, but should be available to all users in September.

The move will allow users to opt for other digital voice assistants beyond Microsoft's Cortana and use other wake words - like 'Alexa' - when the PC is locked.

Alexa is already available on Windows through a partnership between Amazon and Microsoft, but until now haven't been accessible via the all-important lock screen. This minor change alters that, allowing others access, too.

Cortana hasn't managed to gain any traction in the consumer space against Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple's Siri.

Earlier this year Microsoft outlined a new direction for Cortana which, although allowing it to still be used by consumers, sees a more "enterprise" focused approach that sees Cortana integrated into business tools. 

By opening up Windows to other voice assistants, Microsoft is acknowledging that it isn't necessarily the best "first call" and that customers might get better results from the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant.

Amazon will no doubt be delighted by the move, seeing it as a way of reaching millions more people beyond Alexa as well as joining the dots further between devices.

According to reports, Microsoft is planning on making some of these changes in the 19H2 update, which is expected to be available in September.

Writing by Stuart Miles.