(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft could be developing a dual-screen Surface device, a new report has suggested. And it might launch this year.

The Verge claimed Microsoft is demoing "dual-screen Surface hardware" inside the company, and recently held an all-hands event for its devices team to preview a "sizzle video for new Surface devices and dual-screen prototype hardware". Reportedly, employees formed long lines to look at this new device, which is codenamed Centaurus and has been rumoured to be in the works for two years.

Microsoft supposedly wants to position Centaurus as a hero device for new dual-screen tablets and hybrids, and it may be getting close to launch, considering it's already showing it broadly to employees. Centaurus is different from the Courier tablet concept and the Andromeda “pocketable” Surface device that Microsoft has been developing (although, it never officially confirmed their existence).

It been building various dual-screen prototypes for Surface hardware, but right now, Microsoft is focusing on Centaurus. In fact, Microsoft may have paused those efforts to work on Centaurus. And it's aiming to launch it in the next six months. If so, it'll be one of the first Windows Lite devices, meaning it'll run a lightweight version of Windows and be a Chromebook competitor.

The Verge noted Microsoft’s Panos Panay once referred to rumours of a pocketable Surface as his "baby", but he also explained that Microsoft won't bring new categories into the world unless its customers truly need it. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.