(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is said to be working on a new laptop project that will result in a device with two displays and no keyboard.

Project Centaurus has been in development for around a year and sounds similar to the Lenovo Yoga Book, although the latest version of the latter adopts E Ink for its lower display.

The concept is roughly the same though. The Surface Centaurus will have a second, lower display that can be drawn on and used as a virtual keypad.

Microsoft is said to be working with Intel on the project, with a fall 2019 tentative release date.

Instead of standard Windows 10, like the Lenovo equivalent, Windows Central claims the Centaurus will run Windows Core OS. This is specifically designed for dual-screen devices and can adapt to different orientations.

Microsoft's design to develop Centaurus does not mean it will ditch Andromeda. It is alleged that the dual-screen, pocketable device is still in the company's plans and is seen as another way to extend the Surface family.

The Surface Centaurus will be a reference machine mainly, to give other manufacturers an idea of what to do with their own dual-screen notebooks.

We'll bring you more on this rumoured device in the coming months.

Writing by Rik Henderson.