(Pocket-lint) - A new book hints at what Microsoft is planning for the future: a monitor-only version of the Surface Studio.

Brad Sams claimed “Microsoft will finally deliver a Surface monitor in the 2020 timeframe” in his new book, Beneath a Surface, which details the history of Microsoft Surface devices. Now, when Microsoft announced the Surface Studio in 2016, many people wondered if Microsoft planned to release the system's monitor separately. The PC's internals were very average; it's the beautiful display that got all the oohs and aahs.

While Sam’s book pours over the early days of Surface devices, beginning with the initial hardships, it includes many details about what may be coming in the near future for Surface-branded devices. For instance, one interesting thing about this upcoming 2020 Surface Studio monitor is that it will reportedly feature a modular design, which will allow you to outfit the device to best suit your needs.

The Verge noted Microsoft's Panos Panay also recently hinted that future Surface PCs may be more modular. Other little nuggets included in the book, as highlighted by The Verge, include news that Microsoft is still working on the Project Andromeda foldable Surface, and it's planning an “ambient-computing” device. Microsoft is also prepping an AMD Surface laptop for next year.

Beneath a Surface reportedly details a growing rift between Intel and Microsoft, too. Sams suggested Microsoft has become frustrated waiting on Intel to release its 10nm processors. Intel’s new chips are supposed to launch in 2019, although there is speculation they’ve been canceled all together. If the Microsoft-Intel partnership does end in the coming year, it could spell big trouble for Intel.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.