Microsoft is making yet another edition of Windows 10.

Microsoft has a twice-yearly update schedule for its Windows 10 operating system. The next update, called Spring Creators Update, is due this spring. But it also offers different editions of Windows 10, including Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 S, the latter of which is meant to compete with Google's Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

However, Microsoft recently confirmed that Windows 10 S will soon become a "mode" of Windows 10, rather than a distinct version. On top of all that, it's reportedly working on new edition of Windows 10 that's designed for devices with less storage space. Specifically, it will be offered to OEMs to load onto low-cost laptops and tablets.

Twitter user Lucan spotted references to the "Windows 10 Lean" in a publicly released Windows 10 test build (17650), and Windows Central first reported that it'll run on devices with 16GB of storage to ensure they receive Windows updates. Keep in mind many 16GB storage devices have difficulty running new Windows 10 updates.

Lean's install reportedly takes up about 2GB of storage space, so it certainly is a slimmed-down OS. Microsoft was able to cut the storage space it requires by ditching components that aren't needed on lower-end devices. These components include the Internet Explorer browser and other legacy desktop apps, according to Windows Central.

We'll likely hear more about Windows 10 Lean at Microsoft's upcoming Build developer conference.