(Pocket-lint) - We're all now very used to tabbed browsing. But our desktops can still get messy. Unless you do everything in your browser, chances are you've got windows behind windows. Behind more windows. 

And, with more and more of us using laptops on the move - rather than being hooked up to a large display at a desk - screen real estate is at a premium. 

So late last year Microsoft started to experiment with a new feature that will come to Windows 10 at some point - Windows Sets. These group together multiple apps in the same window. 

Now the Windows development team has started to enhance the feature, with the latest experimental build of Windows 10 having drag and drop tabs just like in a browser. You can also combine several tabbed app windows into one window.

You're also now able to use Alt+Tab to switch between the tabs in the window, just as you can with other app windows in most versions of Windows to date. You can choose whether tabs in Sets are included within this feature in Settings > Multitasking. 

You're also now able to close all the tabs in a window when you close it as well as choose which previous tabs to restore. 

Here's what the basic feature looks like in action: 

Windows Sets is currently only available to Windows users who have opted into the Windows Insider program. Anyone can opt in, but if you're not comfortable with pre-release software then we wouldn't recommend it. 

The latest Sets enhancements are available in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17639 to those who have opted into the "Skip Ahead" program.

Also in this latest version is a feature in Settings that shows you how much battery your Bluetooth device has left. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.