Microsoft has started selling its Surface Pro with LTE.

Technically, it launched the LTE-connected convertible for business customers in December, but now, the company has opened-up pre-order sales to consumers. It's selling two models, both of which come with Intel’s Core i5 7300U processor. One model, however, is priced at $1,149 and features 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The other gets you 8GB of RAM with 256GB of storage for $1,449.

Make no mistake: the Surface Pro LTE is a seriously hardcore machine. It has a CAT 9 modem to make it the "fastest LTE-enabled laptop in its class," and has it 20 bands of LTE support, so it's unlikely you'll ever be without a connection. Full specs and UK pricing details of the Surface Pro LTE still remain thin on the ground, despite having its global unveiling in London last October.

Nevertheless, pre-orders begin in the US at Microsoft’s online store. It appears only the 8GB of RAM model is available to pre-order right now, but the other one should be up soon. Both devices are expected to ship from 1 May and will also be available from Best Buy retail stores.

If you want the Type Cover ($129) or Surface Pen ($99) to go with it, you must purchase those separately.