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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft will supposedly have a new Surface device to show us at the end of October, according to a report.

The company is planning to hold its annual Future Decoded event from 31 October to 1 November in London. Devices Chief Panos Panay is scheduled to speak there, and based on what The Verge is reporting, we can expect him to unveil at least one Surface-branded device. Since this will be a late October/early November reveal, the mystery device could be a successor to the Microsoft Surface Book laptop.

Microsoft unveiled the original Surface Book in 2015 and then updated it slightly in 2016 with the Performance Base model. Check out Pocket-lint's guide to all the Surface devices available now and how they differ. ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, who has a good track record with breaking Microsoft-related news, has said Microsoft is not ready to unveil its second iteration of the Surface Hub or Surface Studio all-in-one PC.

However, Microsoft could announce a Surface Pro with built-in LTE support. The company has teased in the past that it plans to do just that, but it hasn't given an exact release date yet. Also, as ZDNet pointed out, Microsoft is working on an "Andromeda" device, which should be a tablet/phablet-type mobile device. The target year for that to be unveiled will likely be 2018, so don't expect to see it in October.

Now, The Verge said it is expecting the Surface Pro LTE and "a successor to the Surface Book or the Surface Hub" at the event. So, it's really anybody's best guess at this point. However, we do know that, for the past couple of years, Microsoft has held Surface device events in October in New York City. We're therefore guessing there won't be another one in the city this year if it does unveil new devices in London.

Writing by Elyse Betters.