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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has pulled the covers back even more for Windows 10 detailing new features and tricks.

It has also detailed, for the first time, that the operating system will be replacing Windows Phone 8, and coming to the Xbox to create a single OS for all the company's devices.


That's great, but how do you get it on your PC, tablet, smartphone, or even your Xbox One?

Getting the Windows 10 Technical Preview on your PC

Nothing much has changed here from how you've been able to do it since October, but Microsoft has confirmed that in the next week, i.e. before the end of January, it will release the newest Windows 10 Technical Preview for PCs so you can try out some of the new features it announced at the 21 January event.

Users keen to give the new operating system a go can head over to https://insider.windows.com and join the Windows Insider Program for free to gain access to the install and setup files you need.

If you are super keen you can do that to day and then merely get the latest build the moment it is pushed out to Insider Program users although Microsoft hasn't confirmed whether its just an automatic update or whether you'll have to download and reinstall.

Those that sign up will be able to give feedback on their experience and get access to the latest builds.

However, it is worth noting that Microsoft has previously warned that this is still very much a work in progress and still isn't the Windows 10 Consumer preview it's been promising since October.

The company's on page warning pretty much sums up the level of expertise you are expected to have:

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"If, however, you think an ISO is some kind of yoga pose, this program may not be right for you."

The new build will be available in 25 languages up from four, and as with the previous Windows 10 builds, nothing is final.

Windows 10 Technical Preview on your phone

Microsoft used the 21 January event to not only show off Windows 10 on a PC but also on the phone. This Windows 10 phone preview will be available in February.

The company hasn't stated how you will be able to download it yet or which specific Windows Phone devices it will work with, however it did demo it running on a Lumia 1520 so we know at least it will work with that smartphone.

With smartphone tradeshow Mobile World Congress at the start of March we are expecting to hear plenty more about this in the coming weeks.

Windows 10 Preview on Xbox One

Microsoft hasn't yet announced if they will be offering Joe Public a chance to try Windows 10 on the Xbox One before the official roll out, and we suspect that given the nature of the beast it probably won't. And as for the Xbox 360 forget it, it works on a very different operating system.

What you will get in the meantime is the ability to "begin interacting with an early version of the Xbox app" within the Windows 10 PC Technical Preview that "brings together the most important aspects of your gaming life: Games, Friends, Messages, Activity Feed, your gaming legacy with Achievements, and much more."

The company has confirmed that Windows 10 will be coming to the Xbox One and we suspect will hear a lot more of how this works and what it means for the console (other than being able to edit office files on your TV) at the Games Developers Conference in March and E3 in June.

Okay you're happy to wait, when is the release date and how much will it cost?

Microsoft has so far confirmed it will ship Windows 10 to consumers in 2015. At its 21 January event it shed no further light on the exact timings of when, but we are still going with the marketting friendly 10 October 2015 (10/10/15) here at Pocket-lint towers.

It has confirms that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users as well as Windows Phone 8 users as Xbox One owners.

The quietly mentioned catch, is that it will be free only for the first year. After that the unconfirmed presumption is that you'll have to pay to belong to the future.

Why should I bother downloading the new Windows 10 Technical Preview anyway?

There's lots of new cool features to play around with like Cortana on the desktop, Continuum mode that automatically switches from desktop to tablet view based on what you are physically doing with the device in your hand, new built in apps like the Xbox and Photo apps, and the updated Internet browser currently codenamed Project Spartan.

Writing by Stuart Miles.