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(Pocket-lint) - Those of you want to buy cheap computers for your kids will have more options to consider beyond Google's Chromebook lineup this Christmas, it's claimed.

Microsoft shined a spotlight on several new Windows-powered laptops and PCs at its partner conference today. Some of them are available now, and some are months away from release, but all of them cost less than $250 each, according to The Verge.

Kevin Turner, the Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft, has announced a $199 Windows laptop from HP. Dubbed a "Stream" device, it is expected to launch just in time for the holiday season. Turner didn't detail any specifications however.

Instead Turner discussed two cheap laptops from manufacturers Acer and Toshiba. Both laptops cost $249. They also run the full Office suite, native apps, and desktop apps as well as work with many peripherals.

Acer's Chromebook-alternative laptop is a best-seller on Amazon and features a 15.6-inch screen, 2.16GHz Intel Celeron processor, 500 GB of memory, and 4GB of RAM. Toshiba's laptop will land this Christmas and features a 11.6-inch display, 32GB SSD, and 2.4-pound weight.

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And finally, Turner announced HP is planning to release 7-inch and 8-inch versions of its new Stream PCs for $99 this winter: "We are going to participate at the low-end," he explained. "We’ve got a great value proposition against Chromebooks, we are not ceding the market to anyone."

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Keep in mind Google has a huge new lineup of Chromebook computers powered by Intel chips in the works, many of which will debut later this year.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 14 July 2014.