You can now buy Microsoft's original Surface Pro with a $400 (£243) discount.

Best Buy has listed the $899.99 original Surface Pro for just $499.99. That's a huge price cut. It is unclear why the retailer is offering such a sale, but The Verge speculated Best Buy must have some old, built-up stock that it wants to move immediately.

The original Surface Pro doesn't come with an adjustable kickstand or Intel's Haswell chip, but otherwise it's practically the same as the Surface Pro 2. It notably features a 10.6-inch 1920 x 1080p display, Wacom digitizer and stylus, 128GB of storage, and more.

In Pocket-lint's review of the device, we said the Surface Pro is as enjoyable as, if not more than, similar tablet devices. It also has an excellent build quality and gorgeous screen. That said, it's not quite at that all-round cater-for-all point.

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If you're still interested, Best Buy’s original Surface Pro is available online and in stores. The deal only lasts today and tomorrow though, so grab one now while you can. Everybody loves to save some cash, right?