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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has released its first video advertisement for Windows 8.1 on its YouTube channel. In the run-up to the launch of Windows 8.1 on 18 October, Microsoft takes 30 seconds to guide software-hopefuls through the OS's new features. 

Most prominently, Microsoft shows off one of the most prized possessions of Windows 8.1 - the Start Button. For some reason the company chose to leave it out of the original Windows 8, but it's back too much fanfare in the latest version. The Start Button is similar to what we've come to know, taking you back to a list of apps for your browsing pleasure. Microsoft highlights it well in the ad. 

Windows 8.1 will also feature small changes such as a new side-by-side snap view for apps, more resizing options for tiles, and further SkyDrive integration throughout the operating system.

Microsoft will make Windows 8.1 available to current Windows 8 users for free. Windows 7 users and below looking to jump on the Windows 8.1 train will need to purchase the base software for $119.99 (£75) and Windows 8.1 Pro for $199.99.

Microsoft says Windows 8.1 will be rolled out through the Windows Store. New computers and other devices will come pre-installed with the software from 18 October. 

Does the ad sway you to download and purchase the software?

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 28 September 2013.