We already know Microsoft's new Kinect sensor is coming to the Xbox One as a bundled package. Now, Microsoft has done a favour for the Windows users in the crowd by announcing that the new Kinect sensor will be coming to the platform in 2014, adding more info to what we learnt earlier in the week.

As with the current version of the Kinect available for Windows, developers will be able to integrate the technology with their software for awesome user controls. The real use goes past gaming, however, to where businesses can develop applications for innovative touch-free environments. 

Microsoft detailed at its press conference on Tuesday that the new version of Kinect brings several enhancements. Most notably, it will feature a high-fidelity 1080p colour camera that is ideal for widescreen Skype calls, and a 3D vision camera for tracking movement, a vastly improved skeletal mode that can track your body. Furthermore the new Kinect can track six players at once. It's not clear if the Windows version will feature changes over the version that will be available for the Xbox One.

Microsoft says it will be announcing more details about the Windows version at its BUILD 2013 conference in June, when it will "share details about how developers and designers can begin to prepare to adopt these new technologies so that their apps and experiences are ready for general availability next year".

We think the best use case is Kinect integration throughout Windows 8 for hand-gestures galore. Will it happen? Probably not, but one can dream.